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♥ Friends Only! My Story List! Guidelines!

This journal is semi-friends only! Everything will be friends-locked now except for my fics. So, please friend me if you like what you see or if you just want to get to know one another. I love meeting new people! Also, please comment here, thanks! On this post is also my story list for those who want to keep track or read back through. I also have guidelines on things I can do and won't do.

Harry/Draco [Multi-Chapter]

Become What I Can't Be is being rewritten. Will start putting up chapters soon!

Harry/Draco [Short-Fics]

Harry/Draco [One-Shots]

The One You Love
Warning: [PG] Slash and Sugary Fluff, seriously
Summary: What do you do when everything you have ever wanted is within your hands?

So He Dances
Warnings: [NC-17] Slash, Language, Angst, Hurt and Comfort
Summary: Harry thought he would leave the melody behind him, casting Draco’s song aside. But soon he realizes it is all he has been missing. Will he be able to recapture the notes or has Draco danced away from him forever?

Give Me a Yo-Ho!
Warning: [NC-17] Slash, Language, Silliness, Kinks
Summary: No one tells Draco he cannot do something! Involves Firewhiskey, fantasies, a Silver Sparrow and the best use ever for muggle technology.

Release me, I'm Begging
Warning: [NC-17] Food!smut, Light bondage, Slash,
Summary: Candy isn’t just for children anymore.

Harry/Draco [Ficlets]

I Will Remember You
Warning: [PG-13] Slash, Angst but hope infused too.
Summary: One last look before finally moving on

Other Potter Slash Ships


writing one!


writing one!

Potter HET Ships


- Creature fics are fine - veela, vampire, werewolf, other
- Angst and fluff. I can do both
- Violence and gore - I can try but I do have some limits, I think
- NC-17 scenes
- Disabilities -- blindness, deafness and so on
- Psychological disorders
- Food!smut
- Can try various kinks
- Romance - love it
- Erotica - again, love it
- Suicide attempts - don't love it, but I can try
- Death!fics - again, don't love it but I can try
- I can try just about any sort of plot :]


- Incest
- Threesomes
- Femmeslash
- Rape
- Non-consent
- Hate sex
- Anything with minors that is sexual or whatever


- Blaise/Harry
- Blaise/Draco
- Snape/Draco
- Ron/Draco


Pirate friends?
yay for another pirate!lover! Added you!
so a while ago, you sent me a message asking to be friends, and for some reason i could never figure out how to read it, and now i finally did. *shakes head* why you'd want to be friends with a moron like me, i don't know. lol, anyway, i added you!
lol silly! I added you back :]
hey trisha! it's emma from falling whispers upon others! just thought i'd add you, love! <3
I added you back and everything! Thanks for commenting!
Hey how are you doing? It's been ages since I've heard anything from you... :(
So busy and strapped for time! How are you dear? I have missed you LOADS!
I'm great, thank you! :D Right now I have summer holiday, so that's just great :)
I came back from Oxford last Sunday and now I'm just relaxing a bit at home XP It was a really great trip!

I've missed you too! I was afraid we'd lost touch with each other...
That is wonderful! When does your holiday end? Mine, soon, sadly.

Oh no! I wouldn't allow that to happen. I adore you too much!
Mine too soon as well :/

That's good to hear! I adore you too XD *tries to fight the overwhelming love in the air but fails* :P
I start back school August 18. It is dreadful. I still do not even have my classes yet!

Oh gosh, you are so adorable xD

How was your trip?
Me too... :(

Haha.. XP

My trip was really great! I got to learn a lot of really nice people, and I miss them terribly. I was a crying wreck when I was going home... but it's nice to be back though :)
So how's your holiday's been? :)
Ick to the extreme!

That is really great! :] You sure are going to a lot of places. What is the one place you really want to visit?

It has been pretty great, except for recent events.
Haha.. well, yes I guess I do... Hmm... I really don't know. I would like to go to Firenze (you know, in Italy) I think that city sounds very beautiful. I would also like to visit England again soon.... :)
How about you?

Recent events?
Hey! Your fics are great - i'd love to get to know you better :-)!
I didn't mean that to sound like a really bad chat up line >_
Happy birthday! I wrote a story for you and its on my journal. Enjoy :)
This is so sweet of you!! thank you so much. Just awwww
No problem. I hope you like it =)