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[HIMYM] Legendary!


I really need to make it a point to sign into here more. Goodness. I am going to get back to working on fanfic too. Term is nearly over. YES! I am really swamped with work at the moment and that is never fun. Then have been dealing with a lot of life stuff.

There has been a lot of fantastic tv lately!

I'll cut for possible spoilers!


My top favorite is Lee and boy was he amazing this week. He has such powerful emotions and it is beautiful to watch.

I thought Crystal was also amazing last night and she was very emotional.

I did not care for Aaron or Casey. Casey fell really flat and Aaron just picked too big of a song. I think in a couple of years Aaron will sound GREAT.

Michael didn't do so well either. I thought the song was the wrong choice and just made his vocals sound weird.

Sio was okay. She was kind of in the middle for me. It was theatrical but I love that stuff. So maybe that makes me a little biased! haha.

Oh Tim. I was ALL ready for him to go home weeks ago but I was kind of sad to see him actually go. He had grown on me in the last few nights and I actually liked him this week. I do love me some Goo Goo Dolls!

Overall, I think top two should be - Crystal and Lee. And I really, REALLY want Lee to win!

Third pick is up for grabs. The rest aren't that incredible. I don't think this is a great season of AI. Nothing like last year that is for sure. -cough KRADAM cough-


The Power of Madonna - BEST episode EVER. Well, so far. Sue cracks me up and her performance of Vogue was perfection. I adored it so much.

I squeed when Finn and Rachel did their duet. I really like them together but I am loving Jesse and Rachel too. It is difficult! I just love Jon though so that could be it xD

Mercedes and Kurt singing 4 minutes was so fantastic. Hello Glee writers - Kurt needs more solos kthx. More Kurt and less Finn. Don't get me wrong I like Finn but his character is starting to get annoying.

The only downside to this episode is not enough Quinn and Puck. They are my favorite pairing.

Oh and loved the Like a Virgin number. Oh Emma. I love her and Will together.

Oh gosh and I constantly squee over Idina being around. And Kristen is coming back. This is like amazing.

Like a prayer really gave me goosebumps. I thought it was SO good.


Crazy Stefan is crazy. I like this new dark side he has got going on. It gives him more of a range I think. Paul is SUCH a good actor. He can do a lot with his eyes. Now, I am a Stefan/Elena shipper because come on so cute. But the dancing scene between Elena and Damon? Good gracious that was some intense eye sex. I think I am starting to get on board of shipping them.

I love that Jeremy is getting more action in the series because I think he is so conflicted and amazing.

I was happy Caroline won instead of Elena. Poor girl needs some things of her own.

I missed quite a few episodes of this show so I am still a little lost in some areas.

But Damon is officially my favorite character now!


Fringe broke my heart. It was SO sad the ending. As I was watching I kept wondering - HOW IS PETER GOING TO FIND OUT? HOW? I knew he had to find out this episode. When he was on the bridge alone I knew he would discover the truth. He's a smart boy, after all.

I was not prepared for how cold he was, though. Poor Walter. John is an incredible actor. He totally takes my breath away. I had tears in my eyes as Peter ranted at him. Gosh.

The creepy factor was even higher in this episode. I mean the part in the lab with that blob thing? Wow. Creepy.

I love this show SO MUCH. Walter and Peter are my two favorites followed by Olivia and Astrid.


I do not approve of who won. The end.

And now I gotta get back to studying for finals and working on all the other work I have. Great fun. Really.

I will get to fics soon, PROMISE. I've had horrid writer's block.